Crime Scene Entry Log

Another procedure that it carried out at a crime scene is the use of a Crime Scene Entry Log. This entry log records all of the agencies that enter the crime scene. Once the crime scene is cornered off and secure, an officer will stand at the entrance of the crime scene with the Crime Scene Entry Log recording the individuals who enter the scene. A Crime Scene Entry Log is used at a crime scene so that when the investigation is carried out, a record is taken of all the personnel who entered the crime scene. By carrying out this procedure ensure that only authorised agencies will be allowed access in to the crime scene.

The O.J. Simpson Case
An Crime Scene Entry Log was not used at the crime scene of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman. Therefore how many officers or member of other agencies who entered the crime scene and the names off these individuals can not be identified. As there was much contamination caused at the scene from these personnel, there was no record of who had entered the scene and what their role was while they were there as they had contaminated and damaged evidence and the scene itself. As a Crime Scene Entry Log was not carried out at the crime scene this also grew the suspicion of officers planting evidence at the scene, as there was no official record of them being at the scene. 

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  1. No Crime scene entry log was a big mistake, because the scene was contaminated, and no one could have been held accountable, and the scene may be useless.