Gloves handled by the investigation team

Right handed glove
At the crime scene of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman, Detective Mark Fuhrman found a right hand glove at the murder scene. Fuhrman visually inspected the glove himself before Scene of Crime Officers collected the piece of evidence and entered it in to the audit trail. This item of evidence was than analysed by forensic scientists and traces of blood from both victims, Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman also blood from Simpson was found upon the glove. However the defence team argued that while analyse was being carried out upon the glove within the forensic laboratory by analyst Collin Yamauchi, the vial containing Simpson’s blood was spilt. Yamauchi admitted to spilling Simpson blood within the laboratory and therefore the defence stated that traces of Simpsons blood was found upon the glove due to cross contamination from Yamauchi’s gloves when handling the glove or from the instruments he used when handling the glove if they had come in to contact with Simpsons spilt blood, thus transferring the blood to the glove.

Left handed glove
The left handed glove was found at Simpson’s property again by Detective Mark Fuhrman. Fuhrman had jumped over Simpson’s wall when Simpson did not answer to the call from his gate. Detective Fuhrman handled to item of evidence and again visually inspected it to see if it matched the glove he had found early at the murder scene of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman. Fuhrman stated it was the matching glove and a call was made to Scene of Crime Officers in order to collect the item of evidence and any other evidence they could find at the crime scene. However during the time between the phone call made to SOCO’s and the time Fuhrman found the left handed glove, Fuhrman was not wearing any PPE which drew suspicion of contaminating the piece of evidence. The glove was entered in to audit trail and sent to the forensic laboratories. When scientists carried out analysis upon the blood on the glove, DNA traces of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman were found along with Simpson’s blood as well. This information was then passed on to police officers involved within the investigation who also informed the prosecution and the defence teams involved within the case. Prosecution stated that these results proved that Simpson was the murderer of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman however the defence argued that Simpson’s blood had been planted upon the glove by LAPD.

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