The Initial Response

The initial response to someone who is a witness to a crime is to call 999 (UK number) or 911 (USA) number. The telephone adviser than picks up the emergency call and asks the witness calling some questions. Firstly the question asked is the reason for the witness calling, the telephone adviser will than make a judgement on whether further details need to be taken. In the case of a murder the telephone adviser will take the address of were the incident has occurred and reassure the witness calling, they will inform them that help will be sent on the way. The telephone adviser will them send ambulance assistance out to the patient and if needed police will be sent out to the scene. The telephone adviser will ask more structured questions about the incident in order to determine the nature of the problem. This information is than entered in to the computer and will determine the call priority. Depending on the incident the telephone adviser will advise the witness who has made the call on what to do to help the patient until the ambulance or paramedics arrive and will keep the witness on the line.  

The O.J. Simpson Case

On the 12th June, occurred the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman it was around midnight when Nicole Simpsons howling Akita attracted the attention of Nicole's neighbours. The neighbours, Sukra Boztepe and his wife, Bettina Rasmussen seen the dog was acting strange and its stomach and paws were covered in blood which grew suspicion. Neither could figure out what the dog was trying to signal to them so they decided to follow to dog which led them to the murder scene. In unbelievable shock they phoned emergency services (911) and police were informed of this information, then a police officers and an ambulance were dispatched out immediately.

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