In the last trail of a case in court a final report will be written and present which will summarise the investigation of the case that has been carried out. This will be written by an officer who is dealing with that particular case this will include any witness statements that have been taken that show particularly important information towards the crime. Evidence collected by the scene of crime officers will also be written within the report, explaining what type of evidence was taken from the crime scene and how this information can show evidence for any convictions. Also previous conviction are taken in to consideration from the suspect as this may be of use depending on the sort of crime they are being accused of in court for committing. Photographs and footage of CCTV (if appropriate) will also be presented within this report in court in order to support the case. Full analysis of the evidence collection is also summarised. The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) will analyse the present case within the court, to which the defense will than follow. Once both sides of the court have presented and summarised, it is than for the judge to conclude their presentation and make the final decision.

During the last trial of O.J.Simpson and the murder of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman all evidence was presented from both sides of the court room. A lot of evidence was collected from the scene however due to poor professionalism from officers and SOCO'S that attended the scene, the evidence was either damaged, not collected or not collection following the correct procedures and therefore was useless to present in court. The main piece of evidence that was collected what the glove. O.J.Simpsons lawyer, Johnnie Cochran, insisted that  the prosecution dared for Simpson to try on the glove. Usually evidence such as the glove is only tried on or shown in court if they are 100% sure that they are correct. However in this case the prosecution was proven wrong, as when Simpson tried on the glove it did not fit. A famous saying from Johnnie Cochran was 'It doesn't fit, you must acquit'. Overall, the judge made a final decision that O.J.Simpson was not guilty for the murders of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

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